Author: Akanksha Rai


Is there anything that wasn’t rare about 2020? I think not. It was the Best of the Times and the Worst of the Times ( to quote Charles Dickens).

The name , 2020 itself brings about a billion memories . Memories of Dolgona Coffee stirred by every person ‘pretending’ it to be flavoursome , moments when each of us claimed our superiority by a victorious match of ONLINE LUDO to the time when our inner chefs came into the field . WELL , not everything was rainbows and unicorns , just like every coin has two sides, the negative side of this year was the most dreaded . With the countless sanitizers and masks bought it certainly was not like any other year . In a constant fear of a microorganism haunting us day and night , we were kept indoors , tucked in our blankets , some of us who were aimless and lonely craving for personal touch while the others made hay while the sun shined and activated their creative mind flaunting their talents , some being great artists , some making mouth watering dishes that made us crave pizzas even more , a few read each and every book swiping off their library . It was more like a fair where we showcased our talents . I can proudly say that I binged watched every show on Netflix .

This was an year of change ; an year where the whole world came together , united against racism and discrimination signing petitions and attending protests to the time when we , as citizens of our country boycotted Chinese goods and apps to stood for Dalits putting every effort to make this country better and become a better human . Moreover , who can ever forget the time when we clapped in our sweet attempt to scare the virus and when we lit lights as a sign of hope for a normal life .

It was a year to garnish our personalities . When hobbies became our only escape to pass boredom and when we rotted our eyes out staring at our zoom screens with each day being the same with no change but our messed up sleep schedules.

This was the year when we realized the importance of touch , the meaning of worldliness and being loved by our loved ones. We cried and we laughed , we smiled and we frowned , we made every possible effort to keep us contented and engaged with ourselves , we didn’t let the horrors of death outside our houses become a part of our iner life and we all unified fought the virus . This unquestionably was not the most exciting year but every cloud has a silver lining we just had to find that line .

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year with a hope that the second variant of virus doesn’t become the next part of 2020 .


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