Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Author: Amrita Pillai


This was a year that instilled in us teachings that we could have never learnt. These twelve months have undoubtedly been a tough storm to sail through but after all, its experiences like this that make a man more learned, isn't it ?

This is how 2020 must have started for the most of us. The night of 31st December, 2019- all of us at new year parties, eargerly waiting for the gong to strike twelve. The countdowns began and the start of a new decade had finally begun! We were all fixed onto our resolutions, attempting to make this year a thorough success! The first two months of the year were perfectly normal with all of us running about to our schools and offices. In the month of March, struck a terrible disaster- The start of the Covid-19 pandemic in India.

Most of the nations went under lockdown since this deadly disease was spreading rapidly. In India, decsions had to be taken so quickly that it felt like life suddenly came to a standstill. All of us were in a state of shock and panic, fear had conquered most of our minds. With masks and sanitizers as weapons and doctors along with healthcare workers as our warriors, this was all the hope we had.

Everyone was to strictly stay at home and step out only when it was necessary. Most of us were happy with the thought of spending time with family. So then people started with Monopoly, Ludo, Antakshari and everything thing that could keep them occupied. Very soon, it got frustrating with nothing much to do, nowhere to go and no one to meet but aren't people like us far more fortunate than several others struggling to live?

This year showed us how precious life is. It taught us to value what we have. The greatest impact has been on the underprivileged people. With no masks or proper warm clothing, with young children and old parents craving for food; some either died of hunger or lost their lives to the virus. Mass migrations took place in the month of April. Workers and labourers who had lost their jobs had to move back to their villages in search of food and employment. After seeing millions of people suffer and the death toll rising to its peak, gratitude is the only way we could speak.

Never before had we actually felt the pinch of lonliness. We were longing to meet our relatives and friends but our minds prompted us to be cautious. We were forced to make decisions as tough as choosing between crossroads.

As December was drawing towards its closure, it felt like time flew by. We hardly noticed when the flowers bloomed and spring went by or when the mangoes ripened and summer bade us goodbye. Festivals were not rejoiced like before nor were birthdays celebrated with much pomp and show. Perhaps, this year could have been handled in a better manner, only if the ignorant part of the population would have choosen to be responsible.

As the popular saying goes "2020 has been the greatest teacher." We have learnt a lot sailing through this storm. Be it cooking, multitasking, adapting to E-learning or anything else. Most importantly, it taught us how some of the smallest things matter the most. Try recalling how proud you felt when people praised you on baking your very first cake or that smile we bought on a person's face by just a simple word of praise. We realized who actually stands by us in the time of need. We understood what things are really important.

As we come towards the end of this year, we are truly gratified for the many privilliges and comforts we had unlike innumerable people who had to face grave difficulties. To conclude, 2020 has definitely instilled realization and gratitude within us. To make this forthcoming year even more fruitful, let us all pledge to behave responsibily and act wisely to live in a brighter and better 2021!


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