Dear Mother,

You taught me the meaning of life,

You taught me to adorn a spectrum of hats,

You were a mother, a daughter and a wife,

You were the one who held the maps,

To every ambition shaped dream like road,

And as you assumed the likes of a guiding light,

And the lineaments of everything right,

Did I something then decode,

You were but my best friend, not an enemy,

You were but my beacon of hope, not a paradoxical entity,

You have moulded me into the woman I have become,

You have imbibed in me compassion and love’s strum,

You have endowed me with the lessons of self-love,

You have edified me with familial love being over and above,

They say it is better late than never,

And while I know that we have forever,

I have often afeared not having a chance,

To look at you with a gratifying glance,

And as the steady riverlike flowing tears do stain my cheeks,

I shall but thank you for I have no other phrase to speak.

Authors: VR Kapse and Adit J

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