Trigger Warning: mentions of Self-Harm, panic attacks

~// Help me, it's like the walls are caving in

Sometimes I feel like giving up

No medicine is strong enough

Someone help me

I'm crawling in my skin

Sometimes I feel like giving up

But I just can't //~

- In My Blood: Shawn Mendes


Is there anyone out there who can hear me?

Of course not, I’m all alone

Stuck battling this never ending cycle of anguish and self doubt

And the best part? I’m doing it all alone :)

I tighten my grip on my knees, placing my head between them;

Rocking back and forth, reminding myself that none of it is real

That it’s just a simulation; that I’m going to get out of it one day

But how is one supposed to escape their mind? (PS- tips hai toh bata dena please)

Sudden rushes of nausea permeate my senses as I start to gasp for air;

Frantically searching for some relief with trembling hands

Feeling empty yet so overwhelmed at the same time

I press two fingers against my neck

The rapid pulse I feel beneath them completely unsurprising

I try to count shapes and colours around me

But that never really seems to do anything

I find myself staggering to my table;

Getting my hands on a piece of glass

Smiling slightly as I drag it across my wrist

The pain feels good; the sight of my blood calms me

I hold my wrist tightly and close my eyes, feeling my breathing gradually slow down.

You know, maybe I’d just be better off dead.

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