Updated: Sep 1, 2020


I can hear each note, lightly touched by your delicate fingertips.

I can hear the smile spread across your lips,

As the dove spreads its ivory wings.

I can hear the chirrupings of those afternoon suns.

I can hear the rustling of your raven strands beckoning the velveteen dusk.

I can hear the enchanting breeze, brush the warmth of the salt of your face.

I can hear the breath escape your reddened lips in its soft gasp,

The glide of your porcelain against those sweetened petals- floating feathers.

I can hear your racing footsteps still,

As they gash against those stone steps.

I can hear your spirit blaze with the heat of our love- my guide.

I can hear your touch.

I can hear you within me.

I can hear you, still.

I can hear you.


Author ~ Debolina B.

Editor ~ Krisha Raut

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