The clouds seemed to have jumped straight out of a story book, tinges of pink lighting up its edges and the sheer beauty of it was enough to bring a smile to her face as she fell in deep thought about him.

He was the newest addition to her family (which consisted of herself only). She had welcomed him home one day when she was on her way home from work. He was the most adorable pup she had ever seen and it was hard not to fall in love.

Blue (which was the name anonymously chosen for him) would look at her with those adorable brown orbs of his whenever he wished for cuddles or treats and would lick her face to oblivion when provided with the requirement.

She never knew she needed an adorable addition of 4 little paws in her always busy life to love. Love life, love herself and love Blue. Afterall, a little bit of love in the mix makes everything better!

Author: Vasundhara Khare

Editor: Delisha Sethi

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