When the wind flows through my hair and it tickles a little, it feels like honey and gold.

Sitting in a cosy, warm blanket cocoon feels like hot cocoa milk and movies.

When I sing my heart out and it sounds the way I want it to, it feels like sweet lime soda and falling confetti.

Seeing a baby giggle and smile, it gives me butterflies and comforts me like pizza.

When I see my friends happy and having fun, it feels like ice cream and sunlight.

Watching fireworks explode in the night sky with my family reminds me of playing with glitter and eating pop rocks.

When I try a new dress and love the way it looks, it's like brownies and pretty roses.

Listening to music with my headphones all alone is like having Nutella with chocolate walnut cake. And God, I love cake.

Being happy is simple.

All you need is a calm heart and a clear mind.

(And cake).

Author: Iffah

Editor: Anubhi Srivastava

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