I have felt the bright blades of grass pricking my naked feet

While the sympathetic pearls crowning them soothed my sole

I have been conscious of each grain of sand that felt my toes on the beach

I have known a busy mind becomes sans thought as feathery waves wash my feet and my soul.

Only those who’ve felt it know the warmth of a pet curling around your legs.

I want, once more, tinkling anklets and thundering applause to harbinger my arrival

I want to be peer to the muck embraced lotus, peering through vapours of silver

From the peak, I want to peek through its veil of white, as the red does the black annul.

However, I weave of clouds a gown,

Bring a snuffed ember to this dreary town,

In wishing, my nerves worked from the waist down….

Author: Shashmita Sanyal

Editor: Abeer Tiwari

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