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As someone once said, in a way, humans made the fire, whereas the fire itself made us.

We all have learned in our childhood, “Stay away from fire, else it will burn you.”, but as we grew up, we learned how relatable fire can be to us, and how we all live with a fire inside of us. Whether it’s the fire that burns passionately, the flame that shows anger, the fiery blaze that represents almost every emotion inside us. We humans, just like fire, when oiled too much, also boil in anger. But if we use it properly, it keeps us warm, giving us a heartwarming feeling.

When humans burn like fire, the after-effects can be seen from miles, similar to smoke. Fire is a reaction. It synthesizes its surroundings, takes its character from its context. Just like fire, we can't wholly control our anger, but in humans too, ignition comes with limits. Not every spark will spread; not every fire will behave as we wish. If compared with love, it burns us, keeps us on our toes, doesn't let us cross some limits, keeps us scared; if played with too much it burns us badly. If compared with anger, then again, when the fire is too much, it will burn your own body.

“If you make a mistake in your exposition of the Nature of Fire, your error will spread to all the branches of physics, and this is because, in all-natural productions, Fire… is always the chief agent.”

- Stephen J Pyne

Writer: Avik Saini

Editor: Anubhi Srivastava

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