We could be a story in the morning

But we will be legends tonight

So cheers to the night

Because it's different when it's alive.

And that's when you realise,

You want this for the rest of your life;

Now close your eyes

And feel the million hearts,

Beating in the room.

And when you skip one,

It's time to forget the world.

It's a wonderland, a raised platform

Thousands like you, no name;

Just millions going insane.

You open your eyes and realise,

Life's freaking unimaginable.

Music's got fire for the heart,

And you’re not scared of the dark

Because the light shines on this page,

On the book written by your name.

So here's to the one who saved me,

Cause your love made me feel like home.

Author: Eshani Kashid

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