It is true that we become who we are because of mighty hopes. Hope is the greatest happiness of man, however much he may suffer. It is the remedy for all despair and grief. It is the chief blessing of man, and hope is always rational, whether it arises in a poor man’s hut or a king’s palace. It is the best possession of man. None are completely wretched but those who are without hope. It makes life worthwhile and induces other virtues like courage, perseverance and will to live. It brings smiles to parched lips and laughter to desperate hearts.

Only due to hope, we are able to wait for tomorrow, and it is the only commodity which is never ending and is omnipresent. We need to hope. If there is no hope, life will be dull, monotonous and miserable. There will be no aspirations, no goals. Life will be like the stagnant waters of a pool. Life goes on because we can hope. When we fail in our ventures and we are in despair and are disheartened, it is hope and hope alone that sustains us, keeps us alive and inspires us to try again. It has the power to teach us to strive to seek, to find and not to yield.

It teaches us never to be disappointed, however dark and dangerous the conditions may be and it strengthens our faith in ultimate success. We learn that dawn is waiting at the end of night. We know that life is full of ups and downs, mostly downs. There is no one in the world who can claim that he or she never suffered or did not have problems or failures. Problems, pain, suffering, hardships are common occurrences but very tough to bear, unless we can hope that a bright future is awaiting us.

Benefits of hope are too many. It is what makes pain worth bearing and with hope in our hearts we are ready to face any calamity. It gives us strength to bear any setback and the loss of any venture and begin again with new and renewed strength. It enables us to face the battlefield of life with courage and undaunting spirit and be the winner in the end.

Author: Ariv Patankar

Editor : Jia Bakshi

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