I looked into your eyes and trusted you

Every time you said that you loved me,

I fell for it.

That smile, those eyes

Had me trapped in a maze of lies.

I thought I gave you one chance too many, but before I knew it, you led my feelings astray

And it wasn't too long before I realised,

I was losing, and round two was going to you.

You tried to turn me against the people I loved the most,

And when things didn’t end up your way,

You tried to make me the bad guy

While you played the role of the holy ghost.

Cry me a river cause I'd die before I trust you again.

I just wanted to say SORRY for letting you in at the very start,

It was the mistake of a naive child who now knows better,

Because you taught me to build walls of concrete around my heart.

Author: Nathania Do Rego

Editor: Adwita Chaure

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