I Am

I’m the one who thought everyone deserves kindness and love. How wrong I was. How badly I wanted it to be true. But it wasn’t. Not everyone deserves the love we show, the love we give.

People say, “Oh, they are in this relationship with you, you can’t leave them.” No honey, toxic is toxic.

No matter the relationship, love can grow old. I thought not with some people; I thought I could love some people forever. God, I was wrong.

I’m just begging to have someone to hold onto, for the warmth of the night.

I just want people to love me how I love them.

Is it wrong?

To have expectations?

I thought it wasn’t. Turns out it actually is. Not everyone can love us in the dark nights.

I think this is what people call mixed feelings.

Feeling abandoned, feeling lonely, feeling depressed.

But why do I feel like this every day?

I tell myself every day that it will be okay. I hope it will be, I wait for that day.

I’m not alone, I have me.

I have me.

Author: Prachi Saini

Editor: Sai Reddy

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