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“The moon reminds me that I am whole, no matter what phase I am in.”

I am a child of the moon,

A child of Selene and the embodiment of Nyx;

Prophesized to inherit the moon.

I am a child of the darkness,

Told since birth that my destiny is greatness,

Destined to bring balance.

I am a child of the moon,

Madly in love with Artemis;

Though destined to forever serve her.

I am a child of the moon, a Virgin,

Ordered one day to deliver a message

to Apollo.

I wave goodbye to Mother, to the galaxies,

I wave goodbye with a heavy heart, to Artemis

As I set out to fulfil my duty to “my” Artemis,

Fifteen days took I, to reach the palace of Apollo.


They greeted me like an old friend

and called me forward.

I stood there, unmoving.

I, a child of darkness,

completely mesmerized by the Sun!

I forced myself to remember the fates

of Daphne and Hyacinth.

Dangerous was the love or even the attention of Apollo!

They must have seen it in my eyes, or heard it in my stutter,

“Dost thou love me?” they asked.

“Only fools wilt not love thee, sir.”

“Call for Artemis!” bellowed their voice,

through the halls of shining white marble.

“This maiden must be mine.”

“But they are a Hunter! I cannot allow it! How many times must I tell you to stop flirting with my Hunters!”

“I have seen their love for me.”

“Did they say something?”

“The eyes, they say everything.”

Artemis took one look at me and knew.

“Thou hath broken thy vows, those of love, those of a Hunter.

However, thy did not cross a line,

One day, and one day only, shall I allow thou, to spend with Apollo!”

And that day on, I spent my days so:

Fourteen days of travel

For one in the dark, with my Apollo;

Another fourteen days of travel

For one in the light, with my Artemis.

Author: Zoyah Virani

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