Updated: Jun 30

Walking in the hallways of her past

through the doors of ugly truths,

She yearned for an escape; she wanted it fast.

But she was stuck.

Held back by the haunted memories

Pulled and pushed, happiness destruct.

She thought she wasn’t bothered by them

But was it really true?

Was she the person her past considered?

Her mistake was grave

The crime, unforgiven; or so her mind knew

Though the wounded heart never forgave.

Drowned daily by the waves of guilt

Scared of what she had become,

The love inside of her, she killed.

They were her nightmares

The hurt they caused,

Their bloodshot eyes, their hands stained red, Their karma, she deemed, had finally paid off.

And then came the teardrops,

she collected them like rain.

Stored them in a jar, and called them "PAIN". If I showed you her tears, they would feel like your own And you'd learn that, though you may be lonely, you're never really alone!

Author ~ Anubhi Editor ~ Ishwari

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