A Confession to Myse

Confessing something has never come easy to me, be it to others or to myself. Living in a state of denial has always been my go-to response for every situation. If I had to talk about confessions, I’d probably start wondering about all the things I’ve left unsaid, all the confrontations I avoided because I was scared of how they would end.

This is a confession I’d like to make to myself:

You need to stop falling for every fictional character, in books or TV series. At this point, you have around 25 people living in your head rent-free. It’s reached such a level that you’ve started believing some of them actually exist, snap out of it! I agree that Percy Jackson, Chuck Bass, Penny, Nate Archibald, Annabeth Chase, and all the other fictional characters you’re obsessed with sound great, but only in theory. They are not real, they have never existed and they never will.

I mean sure, life would be amazing if we woke up someday and all our favourite characters came to life. But that’s just not realistic, and you need to accept that. You cannot be basing your perceptions of reality on people who don’t even exist. But other than that, it’s good that you’re open to the idea of falling in love.

Author: Achala Athreya

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