A Curse


When i was little Dadi told me that I was going to bleed four days a month and the festival is going to go on till the time I am old enough to take it no more, that it's a sin that passes on from one woman to another, a curse rather we inherit for being the grounded sex, she said it's a kind of painful cleansing that reminds you of where you belong but gives you the little identity you need to sustain under patriarchy and bearded men, she said that men breed a sin too and it's even worse, the idea of not letting go : a man inside a man is the worst kind of monster, she said they thrive on it for purgation and while the gods were angry with both man and woman, he for the she sat bleeding those four days decided to take charge, .

How many days does it take to go sinless?" I asked. It's a curse she said, "It's a curse." Dadi told me, you don't bleed like a woman, you bleed like a broken man- it's been years now for me to sit with my legs sealed so that my impurity doesn't leak the age old sin.

- Arushi Dubey.


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