A Glimmer of Hope


2020. Wow, all I can say is WHAT. A. YEAR.

It’s insane just how much our lives have changed in these past 8 months.

Someone once asked me that if I had a chance, would I skip 2020 and erase this year from our lives entirely?

And, in that moment, I remembered all the terrible things that had happened, all the heartbreaking losses, the terrible disasters, the darkness that reached so many of us and ate us from within, and I said “yes”; without a sliver of hesitation I said yes.

I would do it all again.

But now, looking back and thinking about it, I wonder to myself, would I really? Because through all the darkness and all the evil, there’s a tinkling light, a promise to new beginnings. A promise that it will all be over soon, and we can go back to our normal lives. A promise that we will make it through this together, to a better and improved version of not only ourselves, but even our surroundings.

So, I cannot believe I’m saying the most cliché thing ever, but this too, like every other thing, shall pass. I’m not one to believe in these stereotypes of pink unicorns, fluffy clouds, rainbows and sparkles, fantasies of a new life where everything is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong, but then I remember, if we don’t have hope, even the slightest bit of it, to pull us through our day, making us look forward to that golden phrase ‘a new beginning’, we will be hollow hopeless shells of humans. Because what is life without the ups and downs?

After all it is nothing but a prolonged rollercoaster.


Author: Adwita C Editor: Akanksha Mahapatra

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