A Glorious Escape


The Fire of Eternal Freedom:

Tied to the logs of driftwood ,

I floated downstream along the current that buzzed across these foaming waters.

The moss curled green upon the boulders on the banks,

Footsteps of the tall chir-pines that lay beyond those gray borders.

I floated quietly to the melody of the rapids ahead;

The binding ropes, no longer a crucifixion of those holy tides, I lay still.

Purple dew sat upon my breathing nose- the greeting dusk.

Warmth spread as we sunk beneath the cold layers of water,

Into its loving arms,

The green bedrock tugging lightly at my drowning clothes as I floated above,

The light seeping in through the watery cracks,

Like gleaming pearls of the circlet, you wore on your finger.

Safe, I stayed- floating over the bends.

I could see myself- at peace beneath those tumultuous shores.


Author ~ Debolina Bhattacharyya Editor ~ Anubhi Srivastava

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