A Hollywood Scandal

"I don't know how I let this happen! I wasn't even supposed to bring him here,

just...God, it's my fault! It was my idea."

Hanna was going mad, staring at Louis' dead body lying in the hospital bed. “It’s been three days since unconscious Louis was brought to the hospital. He was bleeding badly due to the accident or attempted murder", said Hanna. It was clear that she felt like she was going crazy simply crying, she repeatedly thought it was her fault, that she shouldn't have brought him there! She was suffering quite badly. Since the car accident, she was too miserable and depressed to even talk to anyone. What really happened that night was something that had affected their entire lives.

Hanna loved Louis dearly with all her heart. She gave up everything for him. Their love was like what was seen in movies. We called them the ‘Modern Romeo and Juliet.’

I am Cara, Hanna's best friend! We have been best friends since the 5th grade, although we became distant for a while. When her modeling career started to bloom, I mean when she started getting chased by paparazzi (you know the attitude we get when we reach our goals)... that was it.

Later we became besties again. Hanna, being a supermodel, was always a calm person. We never thought that she would fall for a poor boy, the gentlemanly type, not really wanting any big, fancy things in life. He used to work at a bakery in London. That's where they met for the first time... it was love at first sight!

They were so into each other, but they were too scared to talk to one another. I was with her the first time they met. Hanna had recently shifted in around the corner.

When we went there, Louis welcomed us, and when he saw Hanna, he gazed into her eyes. They were staring at each other for three minutes straight, and it felt like they had known each other for ages. I was just awkwardly standing there.

Louis said, “Welcome!” Hanna replied by saying, “Thank you, it smells heavenly in here!" Louis smiled. “Thank you, may I have your order, please?" Hanna nodded. “Sure, umm garlic bread? Oh and, I would also like to have these two packets of bread.” Lousis asked if she wanted anything else, and after she replied in the negative, he thanked her for visiting and asked her to come again sometime.

That was the first time they ever talked. Then talking became hanging out, then living with each other. Louis’ family abandoned him for falling in love with a supermodel. He suffered from social anxiety. He used to get panic attacks whenever he was in crowded places. Dating Hanna, Louis always experienced anxiety when fans came running towards them. He was scared and shy, which made her fall for him more. Oh man, they were so in love!

It's true when people say you need to give a test to prove your love to someone. They both learned it the hard way. They both were judged for their relationship, both by society and their friends, who would say that Hanna deserved better than an ugly-looking guy like Louis.

As mentioned, Louis was shy. He was never able to stand up for himself or Hanna. She gave him strength. They were stronger together, holding each other up and never letting go.

It was true love! Even though I did not believe in it at the start. Now I completely understand. They both were bullied and attacked several times. But last week's incident was something so sickening and evil that it makes the accident unbelievable.

How could anyone be so psychotic that they could kill someone? That too simply out of jealousy and anger? It's so absurd even to think of. And by a wicked person having such a big name, (Clay Jenson) it’s just unimaginable.

We all knew that he was in love with her. That does not mean that she was obliged to be with him. Hanna hated him. It's not the first time he had attacked them. Clay had tried to break them up on multiple occasions. However, he was never successful.

It's crazy how he had planned all this. He had hired people to spy on them, shoot at the right time, in the right spot of the car's gas engine. He exactly knew when Louis was the only one inside. He wanted to have an explosion killing Louis. He wanted only Hanna to step out to go to an ATM. It's ridiculous to think that even he would stoop this low.

I’m attaching below a letter I wrote to Hanna, to provide more clarity.

Dear Hanna,

May Louis rest in peace! Believe me, he is in a beautiful place. He misses you. Louis is happy and in a safe place. I can guarantee you that he is in Heaven right now, having gummy bears while watching you from up above.

Han, when I say he loved you, it's the truth, and way more than you think he did!

It's just that I don't know how to tell you the truth about this situation, when I'm not able to be there beside you and talk to you, help you, be there for you. I know it's hard, but you will have to face it because the truth is always bitter!

Hanna, don't be angry at me. I knew something was going to happen. I did not believe it in the first place because I thought that it was a prank. It took me time to understand the situation. Now that I do, it's disturbing to even think about it.

I have been battling with myself as to how to tell you this and whether to even tell you or not! But I think you deserve to know the truth, even if it changes everything.

Han, I received a letter from Louis on 3/4/21, a week before the accident. I know it's really odd to receive a letter, when we can send emails, texts, or even call.

Louis had written stuff like: “Please take care of Hanna when I'm gone. She will need you. She is very precious to me. I love her way too much! I need to do this. It's for the best." All such things were written in it, with a note: "Don't tell Hanna about this letter."

It was fascinating how Louis had written something at the end of the letter in transparent ink. I had scratched it out with a pencil three days ago. And what he wrote killed me. That's when I understood that it's not an accident, but a full-blown murder.

As we talked on the call about the accident, with coincidences happening, and Louis’ weird behavior in the past few days, I understood that this letter was the only proof against Clay, though he did not mention his name.

The note said: "I don't know how to tell you this, so I'm just going to say it. I am sorry for what I'm going to do in a few days. I don't really have an option left. I have to save Hanna. And for her to be safe, I'm willing to sacrifice myself. Because if I don't do it, they for sure will sacrifice me. I cannot afford Hanna being dead or hurt badly, these are my last two weeks with her, and then I will be gone. I DON'T WANT TO DO IT!"

Hanna, I had dropped the note Louis wrote at your mailbox back home when you were at the hospital because I did not want to bother you or even disturb you with everything that’s been going on. In return for the note, I got a death threat, warning me not to tell anyone about anything. And not just me, but my whole family is in danger. I had to run away and hide so that they couldn't find me.

I am risking myself because you and every other person in the world needs to know the truth about what happened that night. How these manipulative, power-hungry creatures can do anything to get what they want.

It's ironic how they have to commit another crime just to hide the one they already did. It's a cycle that will go on. The world needs to know how these people can manipulate, torture innocent ones with their money, calling them a ‘beta’ in their master plan.

I want you to know I have decided to make this very letter public, since it might be the only way you and others will know about it. If I'm going to die for something which was not even my fault, I better tell the cause of my death.

One last thing: if I die before this letter reaches you, you will find me in Pennsylvania! Louis and I love you very much, love!

Justice will be gained. The price will be paid by everyone who was a part of this plan.

Yours lovingly,


Author: Eshani Kashid

Editor: Amrita Pillai

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