Hi, I guess someone needs to hear this today. So here we go.

Dear person,

You are cool just the way you are,

You don't need to be playing all those games and act athletic just because people say you have to.

You don't need to wear that mini skirt just because every other girl is wearing it.

You don't need to have muscles just like that boy in your school.

You don't have to wear those heels just because other girls say that you don't act like a girl.

You don't need to hide your tears and emotions just because people say a boy isn't a boy when he cries.

Listen to me.

You can dance, act, paint, and do all the other things even if you are a boy.

You can wear that baggy hoodie and torn jeans even if you are a girl.

You can still be skinny and get a girlfriend.

You can still wear those canvas shoes and say no to heels.

You can still cry and show your emotions as a boy and still remain one.

You need not be perfect in the eyes of others but you can be perfect in your own way.

You will always be beautiful/handsome in your own way.


Someone who understands you♥️

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