A letter of hope


The one who rekindled my spirit in hope.

I got to know you when I was still taking time to get back to my usual self.

I was still learning to believe and trust after something that had left me shattered.

Not only did you tell me that it was okay to actually feel but you also taught me to never stop hoping for the better.

You've inspired me to look at the brighter side of things and to consider every little step as progress. You've taught me to not lose hope and give up on days that aren't sunny.

For telling me that it'll be fine when things are tough and making me feel better when I'm low; thank you for being there for me:)

Sometimes, all one needs is someone to listen. I want you to know that I'll be there when you need me, just like how you were there to understand me at a time when probably no one else could.

Thank you for believing in me at times when I couldn't believe in myself. Thank you for teaching me to hope again.

I know that you don't like thank you's but all this is something that I want you to know. You've made an impact on me like no one else has and I'll always look up to you, no matter what<3


The one who thought they had lost.

Author: Anonymous

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