A Letter To Covid

Dear Covid,

In December, 2019 you claimed your first victim in China. From there, throughout 2020 you traveled the whole world, spreading pain and suffering to all of humankind. People lost their jobs, thousands had to stay away from their families and several just went away, forever. But I'm not writing this letter to tell you how you made our lives horrible. I'm writing this to thank you. Because while you may think you have triumphed over humans, you have only brought out the best in us.

First of all, thank you for making us realize the true importance of our heroes. Not those onscreen macho superheros, but the real ones. People who valued others' lives more than their own. People who stayed away from their homes, so that we could get back to our families safely. And also those individuals and groups, who came out of their comfort zones to aid others to the maximum possible extent.

Second, thank you for taking away from us, the luxuries like traveling, going to the movies, shopping at malls, eating at restaurants, etc etc. It made us realize that life isn't just about glamor. Sometimes it's just about simplicity. For the past several months all of us have been at home, living a peaceful, easy life. It made us see how important it is to just stop and take a pause: enjoy the moment

Finally, thank you for trying to keep all of us apart from each other. This only brought the world closer together. We got to spend quality time with our families. Technology enabled us to stay connected with our close ones. In the past few months, we humans have shown how powerful we can be, if we are united.

When you first came into our lives, we were scared, all of this was new for us. But as time passed, we learned, we grew and we conquered. Soon there'll be vaccines out there and eventually you'll be out of our lives. But this experience will stay with us forever. It was a roller coaster ride, full of ups & downs, but then again isn't that what life is all about?


An ordinary human, with an ordinary mask and an extraordinary experience.

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