A letter to Lily.

Dear Lily,

I have always been in awe of your emerald eyes. I realise now that I should have told you this before he took you away from me. First Potter, then Voldemort.

You will never know just how sorry I am that I didn’t tell you this earlier. And now, you’re gone. Forever.

I have seen many summers and winters pass me by, I have seen the collapse of great wizards and the rise of others. I have lost friends and earned some. I have experienced love, loss and pain along the course of my years. I have watched as the leaves fall away from the safety the old tree had provided them with. We all are like the leaf. Once it has served its purpose, it withers and floats away from the tree. Into the unknown. Just like us. Once we do what we were born to do; once we serve our purpose, the Earth gets rid of us. We too disappear into the unknown. Is that where you went? When you left me? I wonder.

You never left though, did you? I see you in this generation. Potter Junior’s green eyes, the Weasley girl’s flaming red hair and Granger’s intelligence. You were always here. Just, in spirit.

Yet, it does not matter now. You and I shall be reunited. The time has come, my love. We shall be one. I have served my purpose, Lily. I protected your son, like I promised you. He is just like his father, yet the few qualities of yours that the boy possesses are his best. He is no good at academics, he can only play quidditch. He is not one bit like you, except his eyes. Those green eyes that I see in my dreams every night.

Ah, and of course! The Boy who Lived! The title he is given is all because of you; all because of the sacrifice you made that day. How I wish you were here! He still is an immature little brat, but I must admit, he has blossomed into a better young man than I thought, much better than his father.

I remember on your wedding day, I had seen the whole ceremony, just out of view. Then, the days and years after that, I would come and visit whenever I could. Only, you were never supposed to see it. Or know about it for that matter. Yet, you saw me that day. The day your son was born. Our eyes locked. The longing in your eyes. The pain in mine. Of course I would run away! The coward that I am. The coward; the fool that fell for you. That loved you and only you. I cannot express in words how remorseful I am. That I was not there that night.

Mere syllables can never amount to my love for you. I love you, Lily, and I am coming. And this time, I will never leave.



Authors: Iffah and Saptaparna Chakraborty

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