A Life made worthwhile

The seventh day, following the creation of brooks and valleys, deserts and storms; man was sent to Earth. He who would then exercise supremacy over all other beings, he who would then build towns, he who would then indulge in worldly pleasures.

Zera was summoned for a similar mission. To embrace the gifts and to bind them together. A child of old Mother Earth, she sprouted from the depths of the soil. She flourished as she was nourished by her dear mother who taught her to dream big and aim for the stars while staying true to her roots, by holding onto them in desperate times. ‘Reverence towards the spirits of the land’- her forefathers, that’s what Mother told her. With that came into picture, ‘traditions’ that forever bound men.

“Live Passionately, Love Passionately” that’s what she believed in. Passion drove her senses. She loved ardently. “Young love that would fade away with the receding tide of fervour,” that’s what they called it. Nevertheless, she learnt to love and to let go. Youth driven by a strong fire of desire was well spent.

Then as time passed, the aching joints and the hunched back set in. Gone were her list of priorities now. Gone was the need for a slender figure, when all she yearned for was a tender heart. Gracefully she accepted her dwindling youth and aged in grace. She swam effortlessly in the rivulet of change.

Old and frail, her time was up. And as the rays of dawn set in, her soul dissipated into the seamless space. Was she gone yet, or did a part of her choose to stay?

“For all we know, she lived a life worthwhile,” sighed the elements in unison.

Writer: Janki Nair

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