A Love- Induced Sin.

Since I did not have a single tear left to shed, The skies cried for me instead.

Where thunder shook the earth, lightning flashed.

All around me,

Nature clashed.

Trees swayed,

And animals skittered.

Tranquility met with calamity,

My eyes looked into his,

He stood there with open arms,

Deceiving, fantastical and amiss.

Deceiving were his intentions of saving me. Fantastical were his eyes that glowed bright, Brighter than the sun at its peak.

And last but not least,

His arms,

Although wide open, just about close when I am near him

Amiss as he is, he is my only promise.

I take one step,

Then two,

My eyes begin to cry as they think of you.

My hands begin to shake as they remember the feel of you.

My legs begin to hesitate as he gets closer still,

And you drift only farther away.

My body shudders to imagine his embrace,

As it longs for you,

My mind forces me to pick up the pace,

As my ears pretend to hear you calling my name.

He tells me I have a wish before my soul is snatched away, a parting gift, he says.

Warns me to think before I wish, for it cannot be changed,

He laughs heartily too,

Whispers loftily that any wish of mine he shall satisfy.

I am barely an inch away,

Yet, I do still crave a last glimpse of your face. My last wish to him remains this,

That he let you and I reunite, one last time. But, alas, he says we each are too far gone,

Much too hard to make us whole again.

Well, isn't he a hypocrite?

But, I suppose you are one too,

You promise me a future,

Then you disappear.

So, my love, now I stand before the Devil, Preparing to never see this world again,

Its materialistic pleasures,

Friendly neighbours.

My irises take in the surroundings,

Green as they both are.

Oh! How I will miss seeing the sun and the moon, And hearing the delicate birds croon.

Tell me, why did Fate play with us like she did again?

Ah, I mustn't fool myself into awaiting your witty retort,

For you remain buried under a grave,

As my soul gets taken away.

Author: Saptaparna Chakraborty

Editor: Charmee Purohit

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