A Love Letter, From Me, To You

My love,

We think in generalities but live in the details. It is about the little things, the complexities and the intricacies. The details of how your day was, the complexity of your emotions and mood swings and the depth of the conversations we term as “general”. We find confusion in generalities and certainty in love. We find distress in generalities and solace in love. We find blemishes in generalities and perfection in love.

There are those who will find imperfections, in you, in love. But these imperfections are only perceptions made by those who couldn’t rise above the standard textbook definition of how one should be.

My love, I hope you find someone who looks beyond your so-identified “imperfections”. I hope you find someone who adores your deep, expressive eyes, like pools of honey and your laugh (especially on jokes that aren’t really funny). Someone who loves the beauty spot just below your lip, the kilos of fat on your hip. Like One Direction once sang, “I’m in love with you and all these little things”, I hope you have someone who knows exactly what you’re trying to say when you mumble and grunt in your sleep. I hope you have someone who finds love in watching the earth welcome the sun after a long day, with a show of blue and purple amalgamating with shades of yellow, orange and pink. Someone who finds joy in standing by your side, talking nineteen to the dozen while you brew coffee “to perfection”. I hope you have someone whose obsessive cleaning and love for sticky notes amuses you more than you think it to be psychotic. Someone whose conversations with plants and flowers and animals and insects and birds, (eventually) make sense. I hope you find someone whose pace of eating you want to match. Someone from whose hair you want to brush away while they knead the pizza dough. Someone whose calming voice and sensible advice can calm and not douse the Fire in you. The perfect kindler. The one with the steady hand.

Someone you find perfect and someone who finds you perfect.

My love, after all, perfection is also a perception. This may not be your perfect. But, this is mine. And this, is you. You are that someone I have.

If you don't have that someone, if you can't find them, don't fret.

You will always have me.

Author ~ Zoyah Virani

Editor ~ Arushi Dubey

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