A New You


It was enough. She couldn't take it anymore. All the deep dark shadows that haunted her, would not come anywhere near her. She was fed up with trying to be what everyone wanted. The timid girl that she was, she couldn’t say no to anyone, she couldn’t stand up for herself. Slowly she found herself in an abyss, full of despair and sadness. Those pills that she swallowed one day, in the absence of everyone, made her feel dizzy and disoriented. She was happy within, for she believed that she would finally be out of her misery now. She allowed herself to sink into the blankness that she happily welcomed.

Moments later, or maybe it was hours later, she opened her eyes and sat up with a start. Wait, was she alive? But that could not be. She had taken an overdose. She felt nauseous and rushed to the washroom, and puked everything out of her stomach. Washing her face with cold water, she looked into the mirror, and into the eyes of a girl that wanted to tell her something. Something which she had heard in faint voices earlier but had ignored. The eyes that stared back at her, told her, “This isn’t what you were born for. You are meant to be the cheerful and playful girl that you are. You are to love everyone, but never forget to love yourself.

What years of value education could not teach her, those pills did. She realized that she was happy as she was. An extra inch in her waist, a lesser grade in mathematics, those hairy arms, her short stature, her tiny eyes were among the many features that made her who she is. She felt different today. She felt like a different person. She felt beautiful; she felt happy; she felt content. Content with what she was, a beautiful teenager with flaws that didn’t stop her from loving herself.


Author: Debosmita Routh

Editor: Alekhya Gahilot

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