a poem about poems

it’s so intriguing

how poems are like

tiny universes of their own.

rhymed or free verse,

a haiku or a sonnet,

ten stanzas or just four lines.

the power of a great poem

is extraordinary.

quite like psychedelics,

a poem with intense visuals

can transport you

to a whole new world.

a world where skies are pink

and seas are lavender.

a world where crows fly backwards

and mice chase cats.

a world where ten kilometres is

just a stone’s throw away.

a world where i’d fall asleep in your arms

and wake up to see your smiling countenance.

a world where i wouldn’t have to

wish for a lot of things,

but had them instead.


that’s not a world we live in.

the world we live in

isn’t the most convenient.

yet i wouldn’t have it

any other way.

Author: Nitya Binu

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