A Scrapbook of Feelings

A scrapbook of feelings, Cut-outs of moments.

A plethora of “remember whens…”, Memories stapled to the page.

Of them all, among my favourites is the time when I was happiest.

My first tooth falling. My first award. My first dog. My first car.

Laughing with Mumma, holding hands as we went shopping. Sitting in a random café, drinking coffee that tasted like magic.

Well, I was happy a lot, But I was happiest when I was with you.

And that, from my scrapbook of feelings, are my favourite “remember when…”.

“Remember when we first met?” “Remember our first date?”

Remember this and remember that But one thing I cannot remember, for the life of me, is when we fell in love.

Amid all the cut outs and stapled memories, There isn’t one which shows the exact moment we fell in love.

And as I flipped through my scrapbook of feelings, I realized that there was not one particular moment when we fell in love.

It was over pages of laughter and tears, joy and grief that we found each other, That we found each other, made to perfection, for each other, forever.

Author: Zoyah Virani

Editor: Riya Pote

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