Affection Trepidation


Terror isn't always about death or darkness.

Sometimes terror is found in those otherwise gentle, endearing moments.

Sometimes terror is in witnessing yourself fall deeply in love with someone new on a rainy Saturday night. It is in hesitantly giving away your tender heart, while still being troubled by the uncertainty of the overmorrow. It is in being vulnerable and learning to trust. It is in looking into his brown eyes, and slowly resting your head on his shoulder.

And other times, terror is in picking up all your broken pieces.

It is in forcing yourself to get out of bed even when every bone in your body wants to give up.

It is in learning to forgive and let go.

It is in pouring love into your own soul even if your hands shiver.

It is in walking the path of self- healing, no matter how arduous the journey may be.

Death and darkness shall never terrorise a person who has loved and lost. For there is no greater terror than love itself.


Author ~ Yashika

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