Aim: Analysis of Light

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

[Light travels at 3 × 10⁸m/s . The fastest speed anything could ever travel at. Nothing till now, apart from light itself, can travel at that speed.]


The one which amasses so many metaphors.

‘Optimism’, ‘hope’, ‘yin’, ‘life’, ‘happiness’... the list goes on.

The one burdened to carry all the heaviest fabrics a human mind could ever weave. Its own existence gets threatened, forgotten and even fiddled with to the extent it no longer resembles the original.


It's not the first time that something that we don't understand is at times, our answer to everything we might not have.

Among all this, we forget its counterpart.

‘Negativity’, ‘despair’, ‘yang’, ‘death’, ‘sorrow...


Possibly the truest, constant companion of light.

The one bearing the unconscious curse of evil.

So my mind wanders. And it asks,

“If light travels with the fastest velocity, then what about darkness?”

Because wherever light goes, darkness travels with it.

Whenever I walk down the roads, my shadows are already there, mimicking my stroll.

So does it mean, the evil travels with the good as well?

That life travels with death?

That happiness travels with sorrow?

Who knows,

Metaphors are words formed easily, but the ones which carry hundreds of absolute truths.

It's complicated, and well physics is even more so.

Author: Abhinav Bhadri

Editor: Jia Bakshi

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