To my soulmate,

Hi, Aan! It's me, Yaya! It has been almost a year since you left me and somewhere in my heart, I think maybe it’s because of me that you aren't here anymore. I'm sorry, I didn't express how much you meant to me and how big a part of my life you were. You were there for me by my side, at 3 am, always ready to give me a hug. And then there was me. You called me that night. I ignored it. I ignored what I didn't know was our last goodbye. Maybe if I would've answered it, you wouldn't have gone. I think I was too selfish, too immersed in myself and my problems, that I never asked you how you were. Wherever you are, I just want you to know that you mean the world to me. You are the best thing that has happened to me and I’ll never forget you. We are still gonna be Aan and Yaya, together or apart. You in Heaven and me here on Earth, we are going to rule the universe. You were and still are the best brother, a partner in crime, the best friend anyone in this world could ever ask for. I miss annoying you, you annoying me, us fighting, you laughing because I wore two different socks, us running from the terrace. I miss you. Please come back. I promise to be a better friend this time.

-Yaya <3

Author: Danya

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