An Alternate Universe

Ziva learnt a new term today :

“An alternate universe”

She asks if there is

actually a place,

where an apple fell on Newton and he ate it instead?

Then maybe, the Grimm Brothers wrote about him

“Newton and the three Dwarfs” she giggles.

A world where four year-old Adolf

drowns in Passau, Germany

And Hitler could never tilt the swastika

Maybe in a parallel world,

A Scottish immigrant can enjoy a ride on a unicorn,

A world where her friends from America

would not mock her colour but find fault with their own countryʼs gun laws.

How with a shift in electronʼs velocity

and little changes in the

neuronʼs wiring, we could be in utopia?

Where rainbow dreams will not be in closets

Where all play and little work, does not make Jack fail mathematics

And algebra finally moves on from its X

“it sure exists; it now makes sense”

Santa is behind bars,

because of his habit of breaking in at midnight “That is why, Christmas is so late.

Santa is completing his sentence in jail” she


She is sure that somewhere Stephen King is writing cliched romance

And the current generation is bonding over hatred on millennial slangs.

Harry Potter was just a schizophrenic kid

(oh but that would ruin too many childhoods)

So, if your sky is cloudy today,

then do not worry because in an

alternative universe, the moon only rises to shine upon you.

That night Ziva snuggled her little tattered unicorn (with an injured horn),

a little too tightly and dreamt of the paradise she talked about.

I know this for sure, because she wrote a letter to Santa about non-aggravated robbery laws. you ask me if I believe in this

concept of a parallel universe?

then let me tell you this,

That letter was delivered very soon

And oh, Christmas is going to be in June!

Author: Arushi Dubey

Editor: Akanksha Mahapatra

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