An apology is usually between two people - the person being apologized to and the one who is apologizing. But what happens when you need to apologize to yourself?

At times we don’t deem it necessary to even apologize or forgive, but you have no escape from yourself now, do you? You can distance yourself from people you don’t like, you can ignore them all you want or you can straight up deny acknowledging them at all, but how do you ignore yourself? Well, you can't, you have to live with yourself till your last breath, you are all you’ve got.

Today I want to apologize to myself,

I am sorry that I ignored all your cries for rest, I am sorry that I couldn’t push myself enough to achieve everything you wanted, I am sorry for letting you cry in a corner, I am sorry for making you feel like you weren’t enough or that you had to please everyone to feel good about yourself.

I hope that you can forgive me for all that I have done, because at the end it will always be just you and me.

Author: Jia Bakshi

Editor: Akanksha Mahapatra

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