Aren’t I Human?- Part I

You knew,

You knew all along,

We were both coming along.

But you chose,

You chose to

Send me to a place afar.

And the midwife,

She said,

You would risk us both.

But you chose,

You chose to

Stand at these crossroads.

We could hear

Hear you speak of us,

No, rather, speak of him.

We could hear,

Hear you tell all those who heard,

Of your fortunes which turned the tables.

You spoke of the boy,

Spoke of the man he shall be,

And the comfort and luxuries you could see him bring.

But you did not speak,

You unflinchingly did not speak,

Of me - the other numen, blessed fledgling.

Author: VR Kapse

Editor: Krisha Raut

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