Aren’t I Human?- Part II

You adorned the house,

With candles and lights for his arrival,

In your heart did darkness arouse,

At the thought of the chances of my survival.

And as you cooked a feast to celebrate,

The arrival of your ‘glimmer of hope’,

From your eyes did the streak of faith fade,

For he may into this world, me rope.

Papa, you were not afraid of your wealth waning,

For you refused to envisage ‘him’ as an alcoholic, a narcotic,

You simply did not wish to spend on my learning,

And the burdens of the dowry which to you seemed chaotic.

Papa, you were not worried of the troubles,

An additional member would bring to the family,

You were but stubborn for you wished to reside in a bubble,

Of women disenfranchised and teeming with patriarchy.

And as the midwife presented to you your little boy,

You grabbed a hold of me before my lips parted for the first breath,

Papa, why did you not stop to think of me?

Why did you not care enough to save me?

I shall now hope that when you see your blessed boy,

You are reminded of me- a child you tore apart,

But alas, my thoughts shall never wear you down,

For you shall but see me as a girl, a woman, a burden.

So in a way I am at peace and am relieved, as

For you I was anything but a human.

Author: VR Kapse

Editor: Nandini Patil

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