As Love Grew

On the wet grass

Mildew soil under our backs

Laying by your side

Your fingers in mine

Staring into the boundless space

Heart pounds and thoughts race

My mind.

Your eyes bottomless quarries

Under the tinkling ivories

Gold shaft-like they glowed

In them my heart’s abode

Can’t stop reading like a book

Your face and the innocent look

It holds.

Your beauty was unmatched

And each time that you laughed

My heart skipped a beat,

But yours it did complete

For you my devotion

Played a thousand emotions

On repeat.

With no neglect

I know of the love;

Heavy doses of oxytocin

I could stay frozen

In that moment forever

Like Lancelot did Guenevere

Goes the legend.

Oh my bliss!

Take me with

For my heart lies in you

And always will be true

To you and your ways

Over the days

As love grew.

Author: Manaswi Priya

Editor: VR Kapse

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