At least explain

I still remember your

I am here”,

"We will figure this out together",

“Listen, I love you and this will be okay",

"I genuinely love you and I'm here and we are going to get through this",


"We are #gaybesties",

"I am so comfortable around you, we are literally roommates".

Very well, where are you then?

I can’t see you.

It’s been a goddamn month and you are out there!

Alive and active.

And here I am, questioning everything.

Did you use my kindness just like everyone?

Was anything genuine?

Do you even care?

Will you be back?

All I ask is for you to explain yourself.

Give me closure please,

Tell me what have I done!

I beg of you.

Author: Anonymous

Editor: Chinmai Gokule

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