Away from the cityscape, my escape


Looking out the window I think, "Is it dusk already?"

I couldn't be any less unready

I set down my laptop and rub my forehead. "Finally" I sigh, "A long weekend waits ahead."

Saturday, Sunday. Followed by Monday

Would be my get away from the mundane

No socializing, combined with no mobilizing. Just me curled up with a book in my bed. Away from the outer cityscape In this fictitious world, lies my escape. With every new chapter, transferring us into our own little bubbles Free from all the worldly shackles.

"Ron, pass me your wand" I scream,

"Percy, is that you?" I find myself daydream. "Dr. Watson, Sherlock has just gone missing" I panic. "Katniss Everdeen has survived the games" a cheer leaving me manic.

I heard a knock which brought me back to reality;

Away from the inter-dimensional actuality.

Just like superheroes, this is my cape.

My secret world, My escape.


Author ~ Sia

Editor ~ Nishita Kamdar

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