The sky has always amazed me because it is human in many ways. A better way of describing it would be saying that we reflect the sky not only in our eyes, but also in our souls. How? That's simple enough.

The sky is emotional.

It contains the sun and stars and the moon and clouds. It lets them be beautiful in all their forms. It turns dark so that it can be ablaze with twinkling stars and the mesmerizing moon.

We all support and sacrifice for the people in our lives. We are often not even aware of it. Of course the other way round is also true. We turn dark so that they can shine without them knowing. And I think that's beautiful.

When the sun arrives, the sky changes colour into very heavenly shades and tints. During the day it is a single colour of cool blue that is very uplifting and joyful to see. It's like the sky is telling you that all is well and you know it's all right. Just a hug or a smile or a kind word can do wonders for strangers. The feeling of reassurance is all you need at times. Such simple words can be as renforcing as the vast sky. And I think that's beautiful.

Even during rainy days, when the metal-silver and ash-grey clouds cover the sky, I find it leveling. You can sense the gravity pulling down the clouds and the general gloominess of the atmosphere. But it still glows. It still lights up its surroundings regardless of the burden it carries.

There are times when we feel like we will burst too, but nonetheless we are there when someone needs us. Be it anger or frustration or just extreme sadness, keeping calm when a storm is brewing inside is just as brave and demanding and we all know it. And I think that's beautiful.

Not always and not often, the sky will break down and cry with little or no control. It will be noisy and messy and destructive and so full of vigour it might as well be a beast. But it knows that this is necessary. The clouds will burst at some point, the rain will come. But it will also end. And when it does, the little sunlight and leftover rain will create a rainbow. And all will be peaceful again. Just like it is in our hearts. Just like it is in our souls. Isn't that beautiful?

My favourite time of the day is the evening, when the sun sets. The sky is so beautiful then! This is when I really know that the sky is God's canvas. The wind is the brush. The clouds mixed with the sunlight are the colours. How wonderful it is! How captivating! Everyday there are new masterpieces, and all you have to do is look up. We are God's work of art too. In every thing we do and say, in all we see and show. In everything we feel and understand. In every laugh and every tear, there is beauty. We are beautiful. We always have been. And just like the sky, we are not perfect and we are ever-changing, but we are infinitely enough. We are emotional and I think that's beautiful.

Author: Iffah

Editor: Krisha Raut

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