Beautiful, you say?

Beautiful, you say?

The most meaningful word has lost it's essence, a word that was supposed to be subjective is now considered to be objective. As long as you have good cheek bones, perfect jaw line, hour glass shape, thigh gap or flawless skin you are good to go, you become worthy of the title- "Beautiful". Adhering to the typical standard stereotype of beauty is nowadays, admired. Sadly any of the qualities like kindness, passion, desire, personality or motives are not to be contributed to your "Beauty". It is tragic that qualities that set you apart, qualities that you have control over, are in no way any help. Our materialistic attitude is now reflecting towards people. The need to have everything look perfect and pretty is a hindrance for us to see the valued qualities, which is what we are missing out on.

"Do not be tempted by English roses. Their beauty fades, but their thorns are forever."

-Saman Chaudhary.

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