Behind the scenes: Isn’t it Romantic a Hallucination?

The last thing I remember is hitting my head really, really bloody hard.

So, that doesn’t exactly explain how I ended up in a hospital with a dazzling white light blinding my eyes and a bunch of people swarming around me; checking my vitals, handing me glasses of water, asking me repeatedly if I’m alright- basically gushing over me.

Suddenly, a man voices the name of my idol, that one person I have always dreamed of becoming, basically, my favourite artist. I frown wondering why he was looking at me whilst saying the celebrity’s name. Thinking it to be a mistake, I try to tell him my actual name, but he just looked at me weird. What did I say wrong?! When I try to convince him, he lets out a chuckle and points towards something on the wall opposite the very comfy bed I was laying in. He muttered something about me hitting my head a bit too hard.

I swiftly sit up on the white sheets and the sight that meets my eyes leaves my jaw hanging and my mind baffled. There are media-persons scattered around the room and every pair of eyes in the room is focused intently on me, but oh no, that’s not what catches my attention, the image that is formed in the mirror just opposite my bed has me questioning my sanity. The same man from earlier calls me by my favourite artist’s name, again, that breaks me out of my trance, my mouth opening and closing like that of a fish.

Why, in the name of all things holy, would my face look like my favourite artist’s?!

Author: Saptaparna Chakraborty

Editor: Akanksha Makhija

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