Behind the Veil

Updated: Sep 3

Through the forlorn archways of her mind,

Trudges she on, her hands and feet in bind

Silence echoes, abyss amplified,

Even shadows here seem mortified.

Distantly obscured, someone plucks a sitar’s strings

Full, rich, and hued - like the bloom of a hundred springs

Pakhawaj percusses and ghungroos harmonise

And a choir’s sargam rises to patronise

Through a chink in the door, she sees an angelic celebration

And her soul rises to pirouette in a bona fide ovation

Here in the deepest recess of her heart,

Who’s that apsara who dances, personified art?

Bathed in elation today, dances Love, dances Solitude

Dyed in gulaal this day, dances Freedom, dances Servitude

Birth cradles Death, Bondage decorates Wings

And a veiled lady, a key to her brings

And behind the veil, decked in solah shringaar,

Was herself.

Author: Shashmita Sanyal

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