Strolling along the dusty streets,

Humming an old melody

My eyes wandered to the lush green giants around me.

A thousand shades of green I saw

Beckoning to feel them

A sweet chirp compelled me to run deep within

The flash of colours I saw

Different shapes, different chirps, yet they cast the same spell on me.

They flew from one green giant to another

Wings, magnificent and splendid,

A smaller winged creature, abundant in beauty, circled around me.

Then beckoned me to a different direction

I followed her spellbound, only to discover,

A vast expanse of multitudes of colours

Fragrant, beautiful, fascinating, dazzling.

I walked among them, feeling them through my fingertips

With each touch, a current of pleasure flowed through my veins

I knew at that moment, I was in love

Nature was my beloved.

Author: Debosmita Routh

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