Believe Me?

Updated: Mar 5

I know not what I did wrong for

There are now shards of glass

In places they must not be

There are scraps of metal

Which make me bleed

There are cuts & wounds

Which deepen over time

And there are bruises and scars

That may never heal

And every man & woman

Walking down this gloomy street

Whisper my name with

Deep rooted hatred & shame

They must think I am to blame

For speaking out loud and

Never submitting to the elite & proud

They must think I am at fault

For my grief & sorrow & pain

For all the events transpired but

I believe, definitely not!

But what does it matter

What I think & what I believe

Whether I am a few days later

Able to survive, able to live

But I will no longer

Sit & in fear cower

I will not be silenced

By the multitude of commoners

I will not be forced

Into a void of shame & self-hate

I will speak out loud

And let my heart’s desires be voiced

I will not be the victim

I will be the warrior and

I will bring about a change

For now my soul is enraged

So do not infuriate my modesty

For now I shall write my own Odyssey!

Author: VR Kapse

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