It is left dusting away

in this stupid box of memories.

It feels like a lifetime, when it's only been a few years.

I blow off the dust, hoping it would blow off the hurt.

Tipping the lid was easier said than done, because inhaling the essence of memories that followed was about to make me burn.

Yes, I could feel it, the stinging burn.

The stream of water which cascaded, making the pictures blur.

I think of them as I thought of the bygone days, the old smile soon making its way through the tears on my face.

I laugh at the pictures as I go through the memories, reliving the old moments before reality can set in.

That is when it happens - the pain hits me hard, the whispers of "I miss you" lodged in my heart.

I put away the tear-stained pictures as I shut the lid, wiping away my smile along with it.

And there it was left to dust away again

the stupid box of memories and pain.

Author: Riya Kadu

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