Bittersweet things

I thought I was doing just fine,

Without all the things I once called mine.

I never knew I was just distracted and

Not really okay with it.

When this song played, not that I hadn't heard it before

But I guess this was the first time I was reading the lyrics,

They were not filled with a million metaphors or lines difficult to interpret

It was just what it was, nothing complicated.

A line from the song says - “If you ever go, all the songs that we like will sound like bittersweet lullabies.”

And I realised that there are so many people and relations we cherished once upon a time,

Now they are nothing but a bittersweet memory

That's all I have of them and probably that's all I will ever have.

I didn't cry and neither did I get angry.

Instead I smiled, smiled as I remembered all the times those bittersweet lullabies were my jam and how I had danced to them every single day.

Author: Jia Baskhi

Editor: Prachi Saini

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