Black Heart

There once was a naive boy who lived a happy life. He wished and yearned for a mate, a friend, a partner to stand by his side through thick and thin; he searched for years but couldn't find the one he was looking for.

Then he stumbled across someone who he thought worthy of him, he opened his heart to her and showered her with all his love and time, but it turned out that the girl had other plans and gave him her dark wisdom. He gave her his heart and she stomped on it like a glass on a Jewish wedding. The boy’s heart was filled with darkness. He lost all his hope and in despair, all he wished was to die. He tried to keep going but his anguish made him utterly “purposeless”, he tried taking baby steps, tried to get back into doing the things he liked and adored before but the memory of her broke him apart.

He tried doing all he thought that would help him forget her but then he had a new point of view and he started seeing her as an Evil Figure. He left her and stopped all the conversation so that she would not break his heart again. He started to hate her and saw her as a monster. He was furious and started channelling all his negative energy into positive things. And in the end, light won over dark and he learned to be happy again, this time by himself, and he brought himself together once again.

Author: Aadi Bhatia

Editor: Riya Pote

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