Body and soul

The soul is infinite. It always has been.

The body is mortal. It is our cage.

We can be so much and do so much, if only our bodies did not limit us. But does our body really limit us? Or is it the sole connection of our soul to the external world?

I am thankful for my body despite its temporality. It allows us to work for what we want. The fruits of our effort are always sweeter and so much more precious because of it. Our body makes us feel pain, so that we learn to fear and avoid what harms us. And it lets us feel emotions, so that our spirits can grow with colour and richness.

Our eyes let us see beauty. Our ears let us hear music. Our voices let us communicate and express and learn. Our feet carry us, our brains create and remember. Everything we feel, know and perceive of the physical world, is through our physical and mortal body.

Our soul and mind have the singular and phenomenal ability to paint meaning in all that we sense; but both of them would be empty without the nourishment of life that our body provides. The reason that our intangible spirits can bloom like flowers and shine like the sun, is because our very tangible and perishable bodies let us feel the world.

It's our cage that frees us. The immortal soul brings life to the body, and the material body provides the soul with the notes and the silence to make music.

Writer: Iffah

Editor: Adwita Chaure

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